Move It Move It

I have moved 16 times. Most of these were as a kid and therefore not my choice or my problem, but four so far have been in my adult life. Some of these have also not been my choice but definitely my problem. However, those are a story for another time.

Anyway, in those times I have learned a few things that definitely help, whether or not I actually always take my own advice. Some of this comes from a wise friend, some from experience, and some from my mother. All of it is worth sharing.

Mom says:

  • Label your boxes even if all you write on them is the room they should go to at the new place or the room they came from at the old place. Ideally the label should also give an idea of specifically what is inside. “Bedroom – winter clothes” vs. “Bedroom – clothes” etc. It’s so much better than having boxes full of stuff that belong a variety of places, or having to dig through a box to remember what you put in it. It helps you feel organized and settled in so much quicker even if the actual unpacking takes a while.
  • Get it done fast or you’ll be driving around with boxes in your car for months because you couldn’t be bothered to finish taking them out the day of, and it never really appealed to you after that.
  • Buy pizza for those amazing, wonderful friends who help you move your shit. They totally didn’t have to do that and deserve rewards for their efforts.

Experience says:

  • Pack/unpack your own stuff because when you don’t know which box something was put in or someone throws away something important to you in an effort to help you organize while unpacking, you’re going to be pissed.
  • Don’t buy boxes from Walmart. They are horrifyingly more flimsy than the ones that stores will give you for free if you ask nicely on days they get shipments of things in, and they are oddly sized.

My wise friend says:

  • You have too much shit.
  • Don’t pack it if you don’t know where you will put it in the new place, can’t justify why you have it at all, or if it in any way feels like it might possibly be garbage. Either donate it, sell it or toss it but do not move clutter into a new home.
  • Moving is the perfect time to downsize what you have, especially since it’s often the only time you come face to face with the stuff that normally gets stored in your basement/closet/garage/attic/etc. without a second thought.

Hopefully these tips help you in any future moves you may be a part of. I’d love to know if anyone has anything to add because with my luck I may soon be moving again.


4 thoughts on “Move It Move It

  1. There are usually free boxes on Craigslist from someone who JUST moved.

    Don’t move anything you can buy at the Dollar Store, either.

    Honestly I think the best bet is to sell it all and buy new when you get there. When you buy furniture, they deliver it for FREE. Winning!

    1. That’s my struggle this time. I have an old couch that I love, but it’s a pain in the ass to move. I didn’t know about the Craigslist boxes thing! Must come from someone far more organized than myself who actually unpacks all their boxes lol.

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