when you’re with someone with abandonment issues…

So well said ❤

Reality & Roses

She may be complicated.

She probably is.

She thinks that people she’s close to, will always end up leaving.

After all, most of them have- people who really matter, anyway.

Prove to her that you won’t.

You’ll probably need to reassure her that you’re staying, more than once or twice a week.

She needs to hear that you’re all in.

If it seems like she’s picking an argument out of nowhere, she wants to be fought for.

She might not even realize it at the time, but eventually she does.

So fight for her.

Fight with her, against her, but don’t leave- she thinks you will, after all.

Prove her wrong.

Stay and fight for her.

She’s worth it.

She’s scared to get close to people.

What people see on the outside, isn’t always what it’s like on the inside.

She has a lot of walls and doesn’t trust easily…

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