New Year, New Beginnings

I’m really trying very hard not to say “new year, new me”, but hopefully 2017 is the start of some positive changes, and so far that seems to be the case. I’m continuing to rid my life of toxicity whether it comes in the form of shitty people, unhealthy habits, or an unorganized environment. I’m setting new standards for myself and if I truly stick to them even half the time I’ll be happier and much better off. We’re two weeks into the new year, and it’s gone pretty well so far.


It was literally 11 minutes away from midnight on New Year’s Eve when I finished moving the last of my boxes into the new place with the help of my stepdad. I was exhausted, and when the clock struck midnight I had a celebratory glass of champagne and fell asleep on the couch.

Of course, with the good riddance of the Trap House comes an adventure in a new place that has yet to earn itself a nickname, with a new roommate.

The first order of business at the new place was an apartment-warming party. We way overestimated how quickly we’d be ready to have people over, so the Friday afternoon after new year’s day was spent in a mad dash to grocery shop for the party we had planned for that night. We also had countless bags of garbage and recycling to take out, floors to clean, clothes to put away, boxes to unpack…and in the middle of it all the power went out. We made a valiant effort to continue getting ready by candlelight but luckily the power came back on 15 minutes before people were due to start arriving. It turned out to be a perfect evening.

With our apartment-warming party out of the way, we had time to think forward to the rest of the year ahead. While we were watching the Packer game that weekend, we both Timehopped ourselves into a realization that we need to kick our asses back into a shape other than round. We both used to be in great shape and we’ve let that go in favor of takeout pizza and having a few drinks with friends on our days off. If you don’t believe that could make so much of a difference, enter whatever you normally drink out with friends into one of those calorie counter apps. Holy shit. Neither of us are obese or have any detrimental health issues or anything like that, but we also aren’t happy where we’re at. The new year feels like the perfect time to change that.


We meal prepped these stir fry bowls for the week, and they turned out amazing. The portions are perfect for lunches at work and being able to just grab something on the way out the door is even more amazing than I thought it would be in terms of saving time and money. Hopefully we can keep up with it! As a side note, disposable/recyclable containers like the ones above are perfect for people like me who hate washing Tupperware.

Aside from all that, life has been pretty pleasantly uneventful. Bath bombs, cats, tasty food, friends, and the gorgeous view of the snowy city that lies out our riverfront kitchen window are the things that make up my days. I can’t complain one bit.




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