It’s a Trap (House)

I have this thing where no matter what, I feel compelled to say the most optimistic, sunshiny thing I can about everything. My boyfriend thinks it’s endearing, but honestly it’s probably incredibly aggravating to most people when they just want to be grumpy about something they have every right to be grumpy about.

Case in point, the last few posts I made about my new apartment. Let’s all be honest with each other, it’s a shithole. But I tried so hard. And then the sewer backed up into the bathtub and it was a literal shithole. And I moved out, because sometimes enough is enough.

For those of you following along that makes three times that I’ve moved in 2016.

Optimistically, my roommate is friendly and my new apartment is gorgeous. But honestly, I’m also really tired of moving and sorting and packing and unpacking and messes and confusion and stress. I’m hoping for a happy 2017.


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