Perfectly Posh Review

I’m generally the kind of person who will try anything once, and I enjoy trying new things. Therefore, when one of my old friends said I could try samples of some of the Perfectly Posh products she sells in exchange for an honest review, I said yes. The products I received were:

  • Cackle Spackle
  • Honey Honey! Healing Hand Creme
  • Take It All Off Detox Body Mud Stripper
  • End Mend Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Night and Day You Are the One Facial Moisturizer
  • Fall Out Girl Chunk

Going into this I honestly knew very little about Perfectly Posh. What I did know however, is that a face mask would be my first choice to try.

Cackle Spackle

The first product I tried was the Cackle Spackle. I’m not really loyal to any particular skincare brand so it wasn’t much of a jump for my to try this. The claim that it detoxifies caught my eye because I have some zits and such that could use it.

Thoughts while using this product:

Wow…this smells really strongly like spearmint gum. Also, now that it’s on my face it tingles. Just kidding it really actually hurts. I’ll leave it on though for the 5-10 minutes cause why not I guess?

Thoughts after use:

My skin does feel softer now when I touch it, but not remarkably more so than it does after I use a mask that doesn’t feel like it’s burning me. My skin feels happy, but I’m not sure if that’s from using the product, or if it’s more of a sigh of relief that it is off of my face. 

However, the pus from two zits that were causing me problems before came to the surface so I could pop them immediately after the redness went away from taking off the mask. I would use this again if I majorly needed the results, but probably not otherwise. It felt pretty harsh on my skin.

8/10 because it worked and I’m really impressed by that, but now I feel like I deserve a treat for doing that to my face.

Night and Day You Are the One Facial Moisturizer

I decided to use this product after the face mask, because my skin felt kind of dry and irritated. I usually don’t use much if anything for a moisturizer so I didn’t use much the first round. I’ll try to continue using it over the next couple of days though.

Thoughts while using this product:

I was not expecting this to be yellow. It smells really strongly like lavender essential oil, so I definitely know the packaging isn’t lying about that ingredient! It also smells kind of medicinal or something?

Thoughts after use:

Honestly facial moisturizers don’t do much for me in general. I have combination skin so my T-zone gets oily but the rest regulates itself pretty well aside from the occasional break out. This one wasn’t anything bad, but thicker than I would normally go for.

4/10 because I really didn’t love or hate it.

Fall Out Girl Chunk

Now that I know that a chunk is just a bar of soap, I can start using it. 

Thoughts while using:

It is pink, it smells nice, it seems very potent.

Thoughts after use:

When I think of bar soap I think of germs, but I have a shelf for bar soap built in to my bathroom so why not? It has a nice scent to it. Hopefully it lasts a while. Update: it’s been a week and my little sample size is still going strong. It hasn’t gotten mushy like some bar soaps do, and a little goes a long way. Worth the try.

6/10 because I do enjoy it, but it would be nice if it said that chunk meant soap.

End Mend Shampoo and Conditioner

Shower time! I usually use a shampoo bar from LUSH lately because it gives my hair some texture, but that’s not always a good thing. My hair has never been very soft and sleek and I’m prone to split ends, so this could be a nice change.

Thoughts while using:

This smells like coconut milk! Depending on the scents you like that could be good or bad, but I love it. I’m also impressed because even with my long hair there was a perfect amount in the sample packets.

Thoughts after use:

I love that this product left my hair smelling like coconut milk (NOT the nasty artificial coconut smell most products have) and made it SO soft. It takes a lot to make my hair feel soft without making it greasy or too slick to hold a style, but I curled my hair once it air dryed and it looked really nice and held with no extra hair product. Speaking of extra product, I usually have to use a leave in conditioner or other similar product to make my hair feel nice and soft, but I didn’t use anything additional in my hair after using this and it still felt very nice.

10/10 I would definitely order this product for myself!

Honey Honey! Healing Hand Creme

This was supposed to be a hand creme, but I used it as a regular body lotion after I showered and shaved my legs today.

Thoughts while using:

I kind of expected this to smell like honey because of the name on the packaging but it doesn’t. It does smell nice though, kind of like cream soda or something maybe? It has a nice texture too.

Thoughts after use:

I guess it’s a good sign that I wished there was more of this in the package! It felt nice and it smelled good even though it wasn’t what I expected, and I didn’t feel the need to reapply it like with some lotions that don’t work as well. It ultimately was pretty comparable to any other body butter type lotion that I’ve used, and I would definitely order it if I was looking for something like that.

8/10 because it wasn’t amazing but I really did like this product.

Take It All Off Detox Body Mud Stripper

I really didn’t know what to do with this. I knew what it was for, but unlike the other products it really wasn’t like anything I had tried before so I had no urgency to use it. I ended up using it mostly on my chest/cleavage area because sometimes when I sweat a lot I breakout there. Plus boob sweat is disgusting to me, so extra cleaning couldn’t be a bad thing. TMI, but don’t act like you haven’t thought it too.

Thoughts while using this product:

It looks similar to the face mask but it smells kind of like cinnamon and based on the ingredients list I’m not sure why. It has an odd cooling sensation that tells me it’s working but it doesn’t burn like the face mask does. Score.

Thoughts after use:

I’m all about products that make my life easier and my routine quicker, and this unfortunately does the opposite. I had to be “clean and dry” (i.e. fresh out of the shower) to use this, but to get it off I had to then get back into the shower. It’s time consuming. Not going to lie, I just used a makeup remover wipe. I would definitely be interested in a product like this for a spa night or something when I had time and patience, but it’s not something I’d have the desire to work into my regular routine. It’s a cool product though, so I can’t fault it at all for what it is.

4/10 because it’s an interesting concept but not something I need, and I didn’t notice much of a difference in my skin aside from feeling cleaner.

Overall thoughts!

As I’ve used these products I’ve also learned more about the company. Perfectly Posh is vegan, and their products contain a lot of essential oils and natural ingredients that really appeal to me. Another huge highlight to me is that for how nice the products are, they are all under $25. To me this means they are the perfect gifts with the holiday season coming up, especially since at least where I live I don’t know a lot of people who sell it, so it would be something unique. There are products like the shampoo and conditioner mentioned above that I would absolutely buy for myself, and others like the body detox mud that are more like the kind of novelty items I would give as gifts. I would definitely reccomend trying these products out for yourself!


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