The Fixer Upper : Before

There are basically two sets of pictures to show.

The first set is optimistic; the problems aren’t as apparent because I took them when my new roommate and I knew we were on a budget and wanted a place fast. We used the pictures and our first visit to convince ourselves that this was a place we wanted to be. These were naive times.

The second set I actually took today, because I needed something to showcase exactly how much work we’re about to put into this place.

The combination of both gives a full picture. It could be worse, but we expected a lot better. Get ready for this.

This is what you see when the door to our apartment is first opened.
Yes I know the refridgerator door is open…more on that later.
Back door, and the other side of the kitchen.
Mold. In. Freezer.
No I don’t know why there is laminate flooring in the crisper drawer. That drawer wasn’t even there before. As in it was missing.

The lovely oven.

Showcasing the patched nail holes, missing smoke detectors and other general disrepair of the walls.
Don’t mind the odd reflection, I used the flash because the electricity was off.
Bedroom #1
Bedroom #2
Looking back out to the front door from the hallway.
The living room window, as seen from the kitchen.

And there you have it, the before pictures. The cleaning phase has started and I’m excited to show you guys the progress! Here’s to hoping for what’s to come.


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