Moving : A Series

As you may have gathered from my last few posts, I’m moving for the second time this summer. 

Unlucky for me, but lucky for any of you who may be looking for cleaning tips, home renovation stories or general moving advice.

Yes, you heard me; home renovation stories. My new roommate and I signed a lease made out of spiral bound notebook paper for a cheap place that the landlord promised to fix up for us before move in day, as the pervious tenant had been evicted…and arrested. 

We noticed as weeks went by however, that nothing was getting done. The place stunk, the walls were a nail-hole filled, smoke stained disaster, the oven was in a disgusting state of disrepair, the freezer was molding, the refrigerator had a a crisper drawer that was patched with laminate flooring, the toilet seat was coming off, the carpets were stained and dirty, two of the three smoke dectectors were ripped off of the wall, the lock was busted off of the back door…among a variety of other things.

Knocking on our landlord’s sketchy office building door revealed the real gem; she met our concerns with a confident “but you said you’re taking the place as-is!”. No, no, no we are not. Please at least fix the oven. Okay?

She agreed, but do I actually have any faith that she will fix the oven? No. *Googles oven cleaning tips.*

So here comes a series of #ApartmentAdvice. Stay tuned for some “before” pictures. Hope you enjoy!


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