Homeward Bound

This is super delayed (by about a week) but this was the journey home!

  • Customs/Immigration isn’t as bad as it sounds.

This is it, we’re headed home! We left the house at 6:00am (midnight back home), dropped off the car and breezed through all the airport security/TSA/customs checkpoints. You could tell there were increased security efforts in place with the events around the world lately. Before we could even print our boarding passes as well as at various random points in the airport there were security workers there asking random questions, presumably to gauge people’s truthfulness. In conversations that were meant to seem casual and friendly I got asked everything from what my academic advisor’s name is at school to what the view was like out my bedroom window where I had been staying.

We sat down for a bite to eat before boarding the plane for our 9:25am flight to Chicago. Boarding went smoothly. I was seated directly behind Barb and John, and next to a friendly lady about my age who was there with her husband. Before the plane took off, she switched seats to sit next to him, and I had two seats all to myself for our 8 and a half hour flight.

Our flight landed an hour early, and we spent our first few minutes in America sitting down and eating in the airport food court. Barb got pizza, I got Chinese, and Katie and John got McDonalds. Afterwards we walked around the airport until Barb and John’s flight was set to board. Once they headed off to their gate, Katie and I got pedicures at a massage/nail salon. It was a fun treat to end our vacation.

That’s when the real fun began. We were reaching the end of our 6 hour layover after having grabbed something to eat at Chili’s and were set to board the plane when they very quietly announced that they were changing our gate to something halfway across the airport. We got to our new gate just to find out that our plane wasn’t even there yet. While we waited to find out when and where we would actually board, I bonded with a retired flight attendant who had just flown in from Guadalahara, and the pilot who was set to fly our plane back after we landed in Green Bay. They were very nice, and we talked about all sorts of things. Finally after about an hour of waiting, we began to board. It was 5:15, and our flight had previously been scheduled to board at 4:25 with a 4:55 departure.

The one flight attendant aboard our tiny plane was a grumpy old woman who just wanted to get it over with. She was very picky about where and how everything was being stored, and took my jacket from me to store in an overhead bin remarking “well are you expecting a FROST?!”, which made me, Katie and the lady next to us laugh histerically because it clearly bothered her so much that I had a rain jacket and scarf with me in 85 degree weather (I hadn’t wanted to try cramming it into my checked bag).

Just as we thought we were home free, there was an announcement saying that we couldn’t leave yet because something was in the way of the plane backing up. By the time we were in line to fly, our 4:55pm flight had moved to about a timely 6:30pm. It was a short flight though, and before long we had landed, where Conner was waiting to surprise Katie and my mom was there for us as well. I got my checked bag, but as the bags stopped coming out, Katie got a call saying that hers had ended up in Colorado. We got in our cars and drove home after an overtired day of traveling.

Do you have any airport stories to share?


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