The Last Day!

We are coming to the end of our last day in Ireland! We’ve experienced so much in this trip but yet it somehow feels like we just got here yesterday.

  • It’s amazing how hard it is to pick back up with a musical instrument if you neglect it for a few years.

We had a wonderfully unscheduled day for our last day in Ireland. We woke up and had breakfast around 9:00am, then Barb, John, John’s sister and their mom went into town for groceries and a visit with family while we got ready for the day. When I walked into the living room, John’s dad had a violin in one hand and a bow in the other. We took turns trying to play songs from memory for a while, and talking about music. 

Afterwards, John’s dad, Katie and I went for a drive to the Hill of Tara, where a long time ago the King would sit and look out over the land. Before leaving, we each got an ice cream cone called a 99 Cone. It’s a soft serve ice cream cone with a stick in it made of flaky chocolate. On the way home we made a point to drive past Killeen Castle so that we could see it.

When we got home Barb, John, Katie and I went over to visit the neighbors and chatted for a bit before returning home to make dinner and socialize with John’s cousin Emmanuel and his wife Suzanne. Dinner was chicken with a white wine sauce, brocolinni, potatoes, salad with cheese, tomatoes and bacon, garlic mushrooms and Black Forest cake for dessert. It was a very good meal, but bittersweet because it was our last. Now we are sitting down with a cup of tea and packing up a few final things before having to leave the house at 6:00am to drop the car off and make it through immigration for our 9:25am flight. I am definitely going to miss it here!


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