Bye bye Belfast

  • In some hotels, there are room key card reading slots on the wall by the light switches that you have to insert your room key card into to turn the lights on.

This morning Katie and I got to sleep in while Barb and John took their Black Cab historical tour. I got up to go to breakfast while Katie was in the shower, taking my room key out of the slot by the door on my way out since the lights were already on. It turns out that the card needs to be kept in the slots for the lights to stay on for more than a minute or so, because I got a snapchat while I ate telling me that I left her to shower in the dark. Whoops. I snuck her up a breakfast sandwich and some pineapple to earn forgiveness. After breakfast we walked across the street to Starbucks and got iced green tea Mojito lemonade for the drive back to Drumree.

Once Barb and John got back from their taxi tour we checked out and drove back to Drumree.

On the way we stopped at Newgrange to see if there were any open slots to tour the Megalithic tombs, but they were quite busy so we walked around the grounds for a bit and continued back home.

In Drumree it was time for tea and sandwiches, time outside enjoying the sunny weather, and naps before dinner while watching T.V.

Dinner was ham, cauliflower, cabbage, potatoes and white sauce. Dessert was warm custard with Rhubarb sauce and ice cream. It was all very tasty.

We took a walk down to the neighbor’s farm after dinner to work off some of the food we just ate, and to see the barn kittens and the little drone that one of them had flying around.

Now we are looking at old photo albums and watching a T.V. show about an Irish soap opera called Glenroe.

Tomorrow is our last day! The time seems to have flown by! We have packed so much into this trip, and tomorrow will be a day for relaxing and trying to fit all of our souvenirs into our suitcases!


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