Cruising the Coast

  • They make prawn (shrimp) cocktail flavored crisps.
  • When a restaurant in a small coastal town says they have seafood chowder, they’re not messing around.
  • Almost all Indian food has tomato in it.

Today we were off on a journey up the coast of Northern Ireland to see the Giant’s Causeway. Of course we had to make some stops along the way. The first of these stops was a beach. I couldn’t resist taking off my shoes and socks to walk out into the water. The water was amazingly blue and clear, and the weather was gorgeous.

There was a traffic jam for a while on the coastal road due to a festival in one of the small towns we passed through, so we stopped off to get some gas station snacks. By the time we made it to the next town it was lunch time. My seafood chowder seemed to have more chunks of Salmon, Hake and Cod than broth. It was so good! Just another example of how amazing the seafood is here.

Our next stop was a rope bridge that John was super excited for. Being terrified of heights I wasn’t thrilled at first. I went across though (with the help of never looking down) and I’m so glad I did. The island on the other side was so cool.

By the time we made it to the Giant’s Causeway, it was windy and raining. We went out anyway though! The rocks were amazing, and it blows my mind to think that they just formed in such a way.

By the time we made the hour drive back to the hotel, we were all wind burnt and exhausted. It’s our last night in the city before heading back to John’s parents’ house and we had intended to spend it out on the town, but none of us could find the energy. Instead we walked to a place called New Delhi that serves Indian food, and had some dinner there before FaceTiming my mom for her birthday and heading to bed. 

Tomorrow morning Katie and I get to sleep in while Barb and John take a historical tour in a Black Cab before we check out of our hotel and head back to Drumree for the last few days of our trip!


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