Our Day in Dublin

This doesn’t really fit in with my normal “things I learned” format, but I learned a lot about whiskey making today. I also learned a little about the city of Dublin thanks to some hand drawn maps from Brian. Music also made an appearance in the day.

We woke up this morning ready to head into Dublin to meet up with Brian, who was going to show us around the city and give us a ride back when we were done exploring. Brian is John’s sister’s husband’s sister’s husband, and the one who drives around with four dogs in the car, cigarette in one hand and cup of tea in the other. 

Brian took us to the Jameson distillery while he ran in to work for a bit, but not before drawing us a map of Dublin so we could think about what else we might want to see today. We took a tour of the whiskey making process that ended in a whiskey tasting and a free drink. I knew the tour would be interesting, but I didn’t realize I’d actually leave with a better working knowledge of whiskey. It was really cool.

After the tour, Brian picked us up and we headed to the city center and had lunch together at the PYG Restaurant in the middle of one of the shopping centers. It was very good, and while we ate he drew us a map of the city center.

We chose Trinity College as our main destination, and Brian walked us most of the way there and gave us a third map (this one came from a bus driver) before sending us on our way. Trinity college was gorgeous, but very busy with tour groups and other visitors. I’ve always wanted to see the famous library there, but there was an exhibit on the Book of Kells that went along with it that there were huge lines for, so we skipped it for today.

From there we walked along the shops on Grafton Street, which is the main shopping area in South Dublin. We briefly looked around in an Abercrombie & Fitch, just because it was interesting to compare how different it was in some ways to styles at the same store back home. I was thrilled to see a LUSH store nearby, and dragged Katie in to smell everything. I bought a couple new things that I’ll have to talk more about once I have the chance to try them. That store is amazing. Other than that we stopped in another souvenir shop and a few other stores before meeting up with Brian again outside the park. The drive home was entertaining, as he very animatedly told us about how he learned to be an offensive (as opposed to defensive) driver when he was an Ice Cream Truck driver on Long Island.

Back in Drummree (I’m slowly learning to spell things properly) we had a dinner of corned beef, potatoes, cauliflower, melon and salad, finished by rhubarb and apple crisps with tea for desert. I can’t tell you the last time I had corned beef prior to tonight. It was very good!

Around 10:00pm we went to a nearby town (I honestly don’t know how to even try to spell the name right now) to hear John’s dad play his accordion in a pub with some of his friends. To my understanding, it is a weekly thing that they do. I was impressed with it, as they all seemed to be making it up as they went along, but it always came out sounding nice. Aside from the organized music, it is also apparently normal here for someone to just start singing and for the whole pub to stop and listen as though it were planned. It was a neat experience to hear everyone enjoying music together.

Tomorrow is another day in Dublin, and I believe we are visiting the Guinness brewery this time!


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