Windy in Westport

I forgot to write down things I learned today, so I’ll have to actually think to come up with some:

  • John Lennon has an island here?
  • It’s July 11th and I left the B&B today in a tshirt, sweatshirt, jacket and woolen scarf. Costal towns don’t mess around. Brr.
  • Sheep do not give a sh*t.

I’m probably going to update these posts with more pictures and specific names of restaurants/hotels/etc. as well as more general posts about the trip once I get home and have more time and the WiFi capability to post more pictures without it timing out. In case anyone was hoping for that.

Anyway, today was our full day in Westport. We woke up by an alarm set at 8:45am, because otherwise we would have definitely slept past breakfast, and who would do such a thing at a B&B? I don’t know if it was the rainy weather, the beds or just trying to cram so much travel and sightseeing into a day, but we all slept like rocks last night.

After breakfast we went to find a boat tour. Our original plan had been to rent bicycles, but we couldn’t get a hold of the rental place, and it was windy, rainy and in the low 50’s anyway. We learned a lot about some little islands in Clew Bay, and how the Beatles had been there. We got to see an entire island of seals and their puppies, which was cool.

We then drove to have lunch with Ray and his family before they left for Slane and we went to Achill Island.

The views from the mountains on the island were breathtaking. We came down from the mountain to Keem Bay, a gorgeous (and cold) beach between two mountains. We also saw a lot of sheep and marveled at how they could manage not to fall down the steep side of the mountain they were standing on.

Back in Westport, we split up for dinner. Katie and I first went grocery shopping for types of crisps, sodas and chocolate that we’ve only ever seen in Ireland, and then ended up finding a bar/restaurant that felt very reminiscent of an American diner. We had burgers and a few drinks there while we took advantage of the WiFi.

It was a pretty early night compared to some others we had so far, and we slept until our alarm went off to pack up this morning.


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