Just a thought...

It All Matters

It is very irritating to see the same posts over and over and over again arguing #blacklivesmatter versus #alllivesmatter. Yes. We understand.

But ridiculing someone else’s take on an issue does not help anyone.

People are not saying #alllivesmatter because they think that the black ones don’t.

They’re not saying it because they want to detract from one issue, but rather encompass more.

They’re saying it because they don’t want officers killed.

They’re saying it because they don’t want demonstrators getting hateful and violent.

They’re saying it because anger begets anger. It’s not a solution.

I see the posts about how #blacklivesmatter is best because, for example, when your foot is broken you don’t just say that all your bones matter and ignore the problem.

But if you think that the injustice towards blacks is the only wound in our country, or that it is one that is far more pertinent than any other, then you’re letting the media distract you from a lot of other issues that are arguably just as big, and definitely deserving of attention.

It is a huge problem that there is still racism causing everything from discrimination to death in this country; no one should feel unsafe or lesser due to the color of their skin.

It’s a huge problem that gays and trans people face such intense scrutiny and hate, as though their choices are ours to outlaw, ridicule and judge.

It’s a huge problem that our police officers are being killed daily…far, far more of them than make the news and for reasons that are everything to do with senseless hate.

That is the problem. Hate. It divides us all because we are more determined to be “right” than to get along. So in my mind, to say #alllivesmatter is to encompass the fact that there is a lot of injustice and senseless hate going on here. Hate towards races of people, hate towards those who protect us, hate towards people that do not identify like we do. So use whatever hashtag you wish, but it all matters. Deciding what movement or name encompasses that best is not the discussion we should be having. It should not be the focus.

And please, take the media with a grain of salt. It chooses what negativity to focus on with no proportion. It completely leaves out the good that this world has to offer. It divides us at time when we should be standing together.


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