Cross Country

Fun fact, the entirety of Ireland could fit inside Wiconsin. So when I say we drove across the country today, it took three hours.

  • Gas stations aren’t obligated to have working bathrooms here.

Katie and I slept in while Barb and John hiked up Crough Patrick Mountain. We then met for lunch before driving back to Drummrey. It was a three hour drive and on the way we got to see the boarding school that John went to when he was a kid.

When we arrived back at John’s parents’ house it was time for dinner, which was pork, peas and carrots, potatoes, green beans and applesauce. We had a sort of pie that was a merengue with strawberries, kiwis and cream on it. It was amazing.

After dinner I got to see John’s dad’s bees. I am not an expert on beekeeping so I can’t explain what he showed me very well, but it was probably the closest I have voluntarily gotten to that many bees. It really was interesting.

We all had some tea and watched T.V. and now it is time for bed. Tomorrow we head into Dublin. It should be a good time!


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