Exploring Galway


  • Brexit, Donald Trump and “what is even going on with America lately?!” come up in the majority of conversations.

Honestly there’s not much to report for today. I was up crazy late because just as I was drifting in and out of sleep, people started yelling and crashing about the hotel. Barb said it was probably the hen and stag parties that had been going on.

Katie and I slept in and then did some shopping. We visited the farmer’s market and I got a crepe. Also in the mix was TK Maxx (no that’s not a typo), McDonalds, a couple souvenir shops and a woolen market.

Later in the day we met up with Barb, John and a couple of John’s friends from college, Ray and Chris. We had dinner and drinks with them and their families.

After dinner and drinks it was time for a little more exploring and then back to the hotel, where I got to see the Garda conducting a checkpoint, which was interesting to me just due to the fact that I am going to school for Criminal Justice and just wrote a paper on the Irish Garda. We travel to Westport tomorrow. From what I know so far, it should be a very active portion of the trip!


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