On Our Way To Galway!

Just kidding, we’re already here but that rhymed too well to pass up.

  • Though there may be more pubs than I can count here in Ireland, bar close is still somehow WAY earlier here than in Wisconsin. Like, they stopped serving at 12:30 tonight on a Friday in the busy part of town, and when we were out with Fiona the other night on a weekday it was 11:30.

This morning before leaving Limerick, we went out to breakfast at the Hook & Ladder with Fiona, Caolan and Maccon after Patrick left for soccer camp.

After breakfast we left for Galway, where we’ll be until Sunday. We had a great time staying with Fiona, Porrick and the boys in Limerick!

When we got to Galway, we checked into our hotel and then set off to explore the city. We got on a double decker bus to get a tour, which ended up being really neat because it took us out further into the city than I would have known existed.

We then explored some more, stopping in at a couple of the pubs for a drink and some food. I tried my first Guinness and liked it. 🙂

I didn’t notice it at first, but the walls behind the bar of the pub we stopped at were lined with police and fire department patches. I thought it was just the coolest thing! They also have whiskey and sometimes other liquors on tap like most bars would just have beer, which is also kind of cool to see.

We had dinner at a place that seems to be known for their seafood. Katie had chicken, John had salmon, and Barb and I both had sea bass. It was very good and looked really pretty on the plate as well.

It was only around 9:00pm by the time we were done with dinner, but Katie and I were exhausted. We went back to the hotel while Barb and John went out for a bit longer. Now it’s time for bed, and I think we’re all looking forward to our second day exploring Galway.


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