Cliffs and Beaches 

I didn’t have too many things written down yesterday that I learned, but here they are:

  • “I’ve a Horse Outside” is a song and it’s great.
  • I may be terrified of heights, but yet I am not remotely afraid of standing at the edge of a cliff?
  • Costal beaches kind of look the same everywhere, and now I want to go to San Diego again. Anyone want to join me? 

Anyway, our big adventure yesterday with Fiona, Caolan and Maccon was visiting the Cliffs of Moher. On the way we stopped in Lahinch to play on the beach and have a picnic. I tried Nutella ice cream and honeycomb ice cream with crunchy honeycomb bits on top.

The beach was wonderful. It was only maybe 70 degrees out and I was wearing long sleeves, but yet I happily walked as deep into the ocean waves as I could without getting wet. I guess your definition of “warm enough to swim” is different depending on the weather you’re getting. Back home I’m the kind of person who doesn’t have any desire to swim outdoors unless it’s at least 80 degrees, but here with the weather being overcast and 60 degrees, 70 degrees and sunny seemed like perfect swimming weather and I would have gladly jumped in. Instead I walked in the waves, took pictures and picked shells until it was time for our picnic lunch.

It was only a few more minutes from Lahinch to the Cliffs of Moher. There were a bunch of tourist busses there, but the cliffs were so expansive that the place hardly seemed busy. We walked around, took pictures and marveled at the scenery. I could have sat and stared at the cliffs for days and still had no comprehension of how massive they were. Imagine the Grand Canyon but with cows, expanses of green grass, and a drop straight into the rocky Atlantic Ocean. It was amazing. We climbed up the O’Brien Castle tower to look around and get some more pictures, though honestly there’s no photo that could possibly convey how gorgeous, massive and intricate the cliffs are.

When Caolan and Maccon were distracted, (we didn’t want them getting any ideas), Katie and I hopped up on a wall to take pictures and then walked with Barb to a steeper section of the cliffs where there was just a path with no wall, railing or barrier of any kind between us and the drop off. Of course this meant we had to sit on the edge of the cliff and take pictures of each other with our feet at the edge. Much safety. We all high fived each other for not falling off the cliff and met back up with Fiona, John and the boys so we could drive another few minutes to the town of Doolin.

There was a wedding going on in town and we noticed that people attending the wedding had white ribbons tied to their car.

We had a drink and some tasty appetizers at the pub before heading back to Limerick.

Around 9:00pm Fiona, Barb, John, Katie and I went to Milano’s for pizza. It might be the best pizza I’ve had! The crust was crispy and we got a few different ones to share since they weren’t huge, especially with the thin crust style. I loved their take on a Hawaiian pizza. We got to watch someone flying around the Shannon River wearing a water jet pack (is there a name for that?) and had some fabulous red wine. 

When we got back to the house we had a wine fueled dance party in the kitchen, courtesy of Katie playing music off of my phone and rapping. It was probably 2:00am before it was bedtime. Galway is the adventure for today!


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