Exploring Limerick

After today I know:

  • An “L” stuck on the back windshield of a car means the driver is a Learner (like they’re in Driver’s Ed) and a “N” means that they are a Novice driver, and have just recently gotten their license.
  • There are wild horses on the side of the road??
  • “Dooradoyle” sounds a lot like “do or die” when said out loud with an Irish accent.

With all the sightseeing and traveling the past few days, we decided last night that today would be a day for relaxing. I think we all needed the break and slept in late. 
After breakfast, John dropped Katie and I off at the Crescent Shopping Centre for a few hours.

It was interesting because there were almost no stores that we have in America, but we could match up what they were the equivalent of. 
When trying to order lunch, I encountered my first real communication issue. The girl making my wrap had a very strong accent that didn’t sound Irish, and she didn’t understand my American accent any better than I understood her. There ended up being a lot of pointing at ingredients and guessing, but it worked out. 

After the mall we met up with everyone in the city. We walked around and stopped first to get gelato, and then again at Locke’s Bar so the adults could have a drink and the kids could have a soda. It was my first time seeing traditional Irish music played live, along with Irish dancing.

Maccon loves horse racing, so Katie and I were the horses on the way back, giving both him and Caolan piggy back rides and “racing”.

We then headed home for dinner and to watch the soccer game. Dinner was amazing; beef tenderloin, baby yellow potatoes, garlic and peppers, salad and bread. We watched the end of the soccer game after dinner and had wine, grapes and crackers with four different kinds of fancy cheeses.

It was a low key day, but much needed and still full of unique experiences.


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