Our day in Killarney

Things I learned yesterday:

  • Hearses have windows?
  • Ireland is a lot more diverse than I thought.

Yesterday we headed out bright and early to spend the day in Killarney. It was about an hour and a half drive from Limerick. The first thing we did when we got there was check out Ross Castle. There was a great view of the lake, and we got to take a really interesting tour inside to see both the original architecture as well as the renovations made to look original.

Next we had lunch at The Jarvey’s Rest. I had pasta with smoked chicken, bacon (ham), and mushrooms. Katie and John had fish and chips and Barb had soup and some kind of prawn salad sandwich.

We then headed to Muckross House. The name is deceiving because it is actually an old mansion surrounded by a national park with attractions such as a botanical garden, Abbey, and waterfall. 

We hiked up to a gorgeous waterfall and saw a man playing bagpipes along the way. At the top you could see out over the lake.

We got a ride from Molly the farting horse on the way back down.

Molly and Pat, the man running the carriage, took us to see the Abbey. He told us they still say Mass at the graveyard every Sunday.

After our carriage ride, we drove up to Ladies View to see out on the lakes and mountains.

We then had coffee and shopped around a bit in the city of Killarney before heading back to Limerick. It was funny because they had signs and displays up for their 4th of July festival, even including a little Statue of Liberty. There were carnival rides and everything!

When we got home it was time for dinner and then bed. Today will hopefully be a low key day of shopping and a little sightseeing.


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