The First Day!

We have completed our first full day in Ireland!

Starting again with adding to the list of things I have learned:

  • There are a lot of roundabouts in Ireland.
  • There are double decker busses.
  • The driver’s side of a car is the right side, and you drive on the left side of the road.
  • If someone offers you a pudding it’s not really pudding.
  • Also, “chips” are French fries and “crisps” are chips.
  • Everything tastes different here…but not in a bad way at all.
  • Yards are lined on all sides with either hedges or low stone walls.
  • “Th” (as in thread, threat, three, etc.) is pronounced as just “T” (so it comes out sounding like tread, treat, tree, etc.).

Starting where I left off yesterday, when we got to John’s parents’ house we had an Irish breakfast that they call a “fry”. It was amazing. Brown bread, fried eggs, sausages (did not taste at all like American sausages), bacon (meatier than American bacon), pudding (it’s not really anything remotely like pudding but it’s super good and that’s what they call it), and tea. Then we took what was intended to be a short nap, but ended up being four hours long. 

By then it was time for lunch. Lunch was mashed potatoes, salad with a ton of different stuff in it, sandwiches with ham, cheese and more brown bread, coleslaw (different than coleslaw I’ve had before) and more tea.

We showered and changed, and by that time John’s sister Fiona was there to pick us up to go into Dublin for drinks and dinner. We stopped first at Brian and Miriam’s house. Brian is determined to set Katie and I loose on Dublin with a mobile phone and the evening to ourselves. At the pub that Barb, John, Fiona, Porrick, Katie and I stopped at before dinner Katie and I tried a Heniken shandy. It was very sweet. At the Rustic Stone restaurant we shared so many appetizers that we barely had room for our meals by the time they arrived! 

We got a ride home from Brian since we had taken Taxis to dinner. Watching Brian drive was a laugh all the way home. He has two golden retrievers, a Jack Russell and a poodle mix. All four dogs ride with him in the car and he has a cigarette in one hand and a mug of tea in the other. Not a to go mug, like a kitchen mug. He was telling us how he always gets pulled over. It’s hilarious.

We got home close to 1:00am and went to sleep. I thought I’d be up at a decent time, but jet lag got the best of us and neither Katie or I were awake before 1:00pm. We got up and had a very tasty vegetable cream soup for lunch before going to see Trim Castle. It was an amazing sight. We didn’t have time to wait for the next tour to go through, but we took plenty of pictures and explored the grounds and outer buildings. Walking through the town of Trim I noticed that almost everything was closed, and Barb reminded me that Ireland is a very Catholic country and it was a Sunday.

After the castle we met some more of John’s family. There were four police officers in the family that were there, so we had much discussion about my schooling and comparing policing in America and Ireland. They enjoyed watching the videos of my EVOC class and of me getting tazed. 

At 7:00pm we had dinner reservations with John’s parents at The Snailbox. It has nothing to do with snails. However, the ceiling is covered in baseball hats that people have traded to them over the years. The food was amazing once again.

Now we’re home relaxing before we head to Limerick tomorrow. Cheers!


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