Hello From the Other Side

I’m on a plane! Well, I won’t be when I get to posting this but I am as I type it.
Starting off with some lessons learned so far:

* Four hours in airport time seems way shorter than four hours most other places.

* Food on airplanes looks and tastes exactly like a Lean Cuisine. But they give you something similar to a Laughing Cow cheese wedge, so they earn points with me there.

* Everything is complimentary on international flights. Food, headphones, blankets, pillows, alcohol, other drinks, etc.

* If you ask what kind of wine they have they will say “red or white”. When you ask what kind the red and white are they look at you like you’re the first to ever ask that. It’s Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, by the way.

* Bedtime is 10:30pm on airplanes. Well, 10:30pm whatever time zone it is as I type this. I’m in Canada. They tell you to close the window shades, they collect your garbage and they turn off the lights.

Anyway, we got to Green Bay and made it through TSA without a hitch. 
The airport was surprisingly quiet and we spent the time before our flight comparing what we had packed. The flight to Chicago was the shortest flight I’ve ever been on, on a laughably small plane. 
Kudos to the pilot though, because it was also probably the smoothest flight I’ve ever had. The scenery looking out the window was gorgeous, and I got some cool pictures of Lambeau Field. 
It might be an exaggeration to say we were even in the air a half hour. 

At the O’Hare airport we wandered around lost for a bit because we were there too early for our next flight to appear yet on the board. We stumbled upon a very talented acapella group performing, and enjoyed that before getting help finding our gate.

We decided on the Macaroni Grill for a late lunch/early dinner and met up with Barb and John afterwards.
At 6:30pm it was time for the big airplane. Katie and I were seated together again, and Barb and John were together a ways ahead of us. 

They fed us our choice between pesto pasta and chicken with mushroom sauce. We all chose the chicken. It came with the entree, a dinner roll with butter, a salad with ranch dressing, crackers with a spreadable cheese wedge, a little bottle of water and a caramel brownie. We could choose a variety of other drinks as well. 
By the time dinner was collected, we were over Canada and it was near dark out. We were instructed to close our window shades, the lights were turned out and it was bedtime. This is the point we are at now, Katie drinking Dr. Pepper and watching the movie How to Be Single on the screen in front of her, me drinking Ginger Ale, watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on my iPad and using the screen in front of me as a GPS to track the plane, (we’re flying over the Gulf of St. Lawrence in case you were wondering). 
We have filled out our customs cards and are set to land in Dublin in 2376 miles, or 4 hours and 19 minutes. Goodnight!
Good morning from the airplane. I thought it would be easy to fall asleep in the nice, dark cabin. I was wrong. As soon as you get comfortable on a plane, you realize your cozy spot makes your lower back hurt. I got out my blankets, neck pillow, sleep mask, put the airline pillow behind my back, and still never completely fell asleep. But the sun is shining, they fed us again (raspberry yogurt with granola, pomegranate acai flavored dried cranberries with blueberries and a mixed berry muffin top), I have a little cup of airplane coffee and now it’s only about a half hour to go. The little GPS plane is almost above land again!

We see you Ireland!

We have made it to John’s parents’ house and are going to have breakfast and take naps.

(Note: most of the pictures in this post didn’t load. I will try again later if I get a stronger internet connection.)


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