How to Sports

As much as I like to pretend I care about sports…this is so accurate it hurts.


I am not a sports fan. I don’t have any interest in following teams, buying gear, or tuning in for games. However, drum roll please:

I have been to a whopping 2 sporting events this year!  (and am anxious for more…like maybe 1 or 2 more, let’s not get carried away)

For a couple hours I decide I care more about a person or group of people in one set of clothes more than I care about the other person or group of people in the other set of clothes and I yell, clap, and cheer! I have no intention of being an avid sports fan ever, but I’ve had my eyes opened to see why so much of the population is fanatical enthusiastic about the sports.

Here’s my simple sporting check list:

  1. What are “your” team colors? What are “their” team colors? Wear/Avoid Wearing respectively.
  2. What the division of time? (Quarters, Innings, Sets…

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