As I start out my first full week in the new house, I want to hold myself accountable for some goals. Turning over a new leaf, you could say.

First of all, closet clean out. I intended to make more of a dent in it before the move, but time was not on my side and it became more of a “throw everything in a box and go” kind of deal. Even in that process though, I realized that I could give away at least half my wardrobe and never miss it. The cute skirt that I wore once my sophomore year of high school? The dress I can never find an occasion for? The shirts that just don’t fit my style anymore? The jeans that make me feel fat and gross ever time I wear them? They all must go. I’m realizing that there’s no point in keeping clothing items that I’ll never wear again just for the sentimental value. There are, however, a few favorite pieces that I refuse to part with that I can’t fit into right now, but I know I’d wear them all the time if I could just lose those few extra pounds. Which brings me to my next goal:

#fitnesschallenge. I need to start drinking more water to start with. I’m not a particularly hydrated person in general. Some days it’s an accomplishment for me to drink a single bottle of water. Recently though, my roommate and I found these water bottles that show you how much water you should be drinking by certain times of the day in order to have consumed a healthy amount by bedtime.

You can find the full post here. I highly recommend it!

I also start need to actually start using the gym membership that I pay for each month. Or at least take the dogs on a nice long walk once a while instead of just throwing the Frisbee around in the yard. Something more to get active and get outside.

Those are my top two as I head into a new week and a new month (happy May day!) living in a new place. Time for a fresh start!


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