Easy Tuna Tacos

I know this sounds gross, but hear me out.

I’m always looking for new things that I can take with me to work for lunches and snacks. It needs to be easily prepared, filling, tasty, somewhat healthy, and – if we’re going for bonus points here – not needing to take up more room in the packed break room fridge. The beauty of these “tacos” is that they meet all of these requirements.

I love buying either the Starkist “Lunch To-Go” kits, or in this case the flavored single serving Tuna Creations packets. The thing about these is that you really can’t tell it’s tuna with most of the flavors, and with the ones you can it’s definitely not the nasty canned tuna you’re probably thinking of.

Anyway, to spice things up for work so I’m not just eating tuna straight out of the packet and still feeling hangry afterwards, I make tacos. If I have cheese, hummus, sour cream, avocados, veggies, or any other accompaniment for the tuna, one packet easily makes two tacos. I buy some tortillas to keep in the break room, and then all I have to do as I leave the house on any given day is throw a packet of tuna in my work bag.

Here are some of my favorite combos:

  • Thai style tuna packet + Havarti cheese + plain hummus
  • Hickory smoked tuna packet + ranch dressing + Monterey Jack shredded cheese
  • Lemon pepper tuna packet + veggies

Additionally, lunch can’t get much cheaper than this; each tuna packets costs around a dollar.

P.S. I am definitely typing this from my phone in the break room as I eat my tacos and smugly listen to my coworker complain about the shitty snacks she packed herself. Judge me.


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