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PSA: Stalking

Did you know that one of the top two predecessors to domestic homicide is stalking?

The term “stalking” is used pretty casually. People “Facebook stalk” each other all the time and generally that just means that some friend thought it would be funny to like an embarrassing picture from years ago so it shows up on everyone’s timelines again in all its glory. It’s funny, harmless, and maybe a little irritating.

But then there’s real, actual stalking. Like the “calls you forty times in the middle of the night and the power’s out and you’re home alone and says they’re coming to your apartment whether you like it or not” kind of stalking.

And to that I say call the cops. Not “well if he does it again I’ll call” or “he’s probably just joking around” or “my doors are locked so I’ll just pretend I’m not home.”

Spoiler alert: He’s gonna do it again. He’s not joking. He will try to get in your house whether its locked or not, and its just going to anger him more.

People who stalk and harass other people are not doing it from a place of sanity. No sane person calls someone forty times in a row. No sane person comes to your house when you tell them not to.

Plus, the way stalking works (at least where I am from) is that the first time the cops have to deal with it, it is basically a warning. The stalker is given either a verbal or written warning to cease contact with the individual or else felony stalking charges can be brought upon them. Actual arrests and charges don’t come in until the second or third documented incident. So if you don’t report it the first time it basically doesn’t count, and then the next time around you find yourself sitting there kicking yourself for being too scared or too naive to report it the first time, because now it’s happening again.

So screenshot the creepy messages, save that call history, go to a friend’s house and call the cops. You’ll be glad you did.

*I tried to avoid referring to the stalker as “he” since I am well aware that though the majority of stalkers are male (especially violent ones), this crime can be perpetrated by women as well, however I know some “he” pronouns snuck into this post. My apologies.


4 thoughts on “PSA: Stalking

    1. True! Which is why I tried to keep it gender neutral even though personally the people I’ve had problems with have been men. I just hate to see people not take this seriously until something serious happens like I did.

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