Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn.

For a combination of financial and other reasons, I made the slightly impulsive decision to pack up and move in with some friends who live across town. I say slightly impulsive because last week at this time the thought first crossed my mind, and now today I spent my afternoon moving stuff in. A three bedroom, one bathroom house is about to become home to four adults, a Wirehaired Griffon mix, a Schnauzer and two cats. My friend, her boyfriend who owns the house and one of his friends already live there with the dogs, and the cats and I will be moving in within the next week or so. It’s going to be an adventure for sure.

On the downside, this means packing, moving and unpacking all the crap I own, and over the last two years of living alone I have accumulated WAY more stuff than can fit in a single bedroom and shared bathroom. My mom has graciously allowed me to store whatever is necessary in her basement, and from there I have to take on the task of downsizing.

I’ll update with pictures on how that goes and any tips I come up with, but first, some questions:

  1. Do you prefer living alone or with roommates?
  2. Have you had any memorable moving experiences?
  3. Are you a procrastinator?

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