Let’s Get Organized

It may be mid-April with snow still on the ground and weekly mini blizzards, but I’m ready for some spring cleaning. My latest project has been minimizing what’s kept around my little one bedroom apartment. When I moved in two years ago I owned less than the bare minimum of everything (it took me months to get so much as a couch and working TV, which is another story), but I loved how put together everything looked. I loved having people over because I was proud of my cute little apartment.

Flash forward to now when I’ve had two years to indulge my borderline hoarder tendencies of never throwing anything out and many trials and errors of what actually works for me, and I have more crap than I know what to do with. Duplicates of cleaning products, outfits I haven’t worn since I moved in, pieces of trendy DIY projects I’ll probably never finish…I have my work cut out for me, especially given the major oversight I made when I first moved in; my entire apartment only has one closet. In between the bathroom and the bedroom I have a shallow linen closet. No coat closet, pantry or other place to store anything that I don’t want out in plain view.

So, inspired by blog posts such as this one on closet organization from the Recovering Shopaholic and this one on living with less from Young House Love, I am inspired to start my project. I am hoping to post some before/after pictures as well as organization tips that actually work for me and products I love along the way.

P.S. If you never hear from me again I probably got buried alive in my disaster of a walk in closet. Wish me luck.


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