New Favorite!

So the past couple nights I’ve been catching up On Demand with some of my favorite shows (I’ve been secretly addicted to Bunheads on ABC Family lately) and came across the commercial for the final season of the Secret Life of the American Teenager. I don’t often watch the show, but I loved what I could hear of the song playing underneath the dialogue. So, being the technologically savvy person I am, (or not…see my first post and note that yes, my laptop is still broken), I rewound and used the Shazam app to find out that the song was a new one called Safe With Me by Kyler England. I listened to the whole thing, immediately fell in love and have since bought it on iTunes. I love the sentiment of the song wholeheartedly and the lyrics themselves are absolutely beautiful. It is both a song that makes me think of how I feel towards my closest friends and is also something I would love for them to mean for me as well. This is a cover of me singing the lyrics posted in the photo below. Hopefully by my next post I will have a lyric video up on YouTube to share, as from what I’ve seen there is not one out there yet. Such are the pitfalls of loving a newer/lesser known song. I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do! Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 🙂Image


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